Maximize Business Return on Investment from Custom eLearning Development

E-Learning has evolved since 2004. Over the years there is demand for custom eLearning development all across the world. However, there are significant changes in eLearning development during the course of last one decade. Out of this the most remarkable change is the decline of Flash and the development of HTML and other tools that led to the growth of customized framework. Nowadays, the custom eLearning is the effect of careful considerations, understanding of your specific need, budget and timeliness. It is mostly based on instructional design methods as well as graphic and media design principles. Currently, you can get a wide array of bespoke eLearning development services that can help you to apply the acquired knowledge to work situation.

Now, what is custom eLearning development?  It is nothing but customizing the learning experience to match the learning need of a company. Nevertheless, there is not much difference between customized eLearning courses in the market. Several factors are taken into consideration for custom eLearning development like multiple intelligences, audience and organization requirement. Many subject matter experts are involved to design courses. So, the custom learning provides an immersive experience where several customers are engaged in healthy dialogue for offering the right experience. Some eLearning service providers design course in a fashion that it meets the exact need of the customers. Different kinds of instructional methods are used for creating training material as a part of custom eLearning development including Story-learning, Gamification, Scenario-driven, Decision making with branching simulations, Performance support and more. Rapid development method is also used for high volume or quick turnaround project.

Let’s have a look at a few custom eLearning development methodologies:

  • Video-based methods – Since mobile devices are very common these days, they drive almost half of the total video consumption. Videos are used to a great extent as learning as well as performance support tools. You can get video courses as standalone custom eLearning development or follow-up summary to train session and performance support solution. The good thing about video is that it is naturally responsive and works pretty well on most of the devices. Interactive and interesting video can keep you engaged. Often the videos suit your requirement. Sometimes, the eLearning service providers tie up agencies to shoot video with local talent and for creating in-house animations with simple static graphics.
  • Multi-device Testing – Nowadays, eLearning needs support on a multiple combination of manufacturers, browsers, models, operating systems, platforms and connectivity modes. In addition to designing multiple device eLearning, it is important that the eLearning works on all devices in a proper way. This could be achieved through testing and that too on different devices and configurations. Hence, a proper infrastructure needs to be developed for multi-device testing in order to make the eLearning development a successful one.
  • Tool expertise – ELearning courses are developed by making use of various authoring tools. Through this combination, you can get solutions for multi-device delivery. Some of these tools include Articulate Storyline, Customized HTML5, Adobe CS6, Lectora, Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate Presenter, QuizMaker, iSpring and many more.
  • Instructor-led training – Remember that different trainings require different formats as well as delivery appliances. Instructor-led training can be highly effective for your requirement. The training can be greatly effective for some subjects with higher level outcome. Often, Instructor Led Training becomes the preferred choice when a greater human mediation as well as interaction is required including face-to-face queries, discussions, working in group, observable behaviours and personal assessment.

So, why are you waiting for? You can make use of your strategy, storyboards and templates and the course can be developed. You can choose strategy expertise, template library and write storyboards. Different models are followed by different eLearning service providers for smooth project execution as well as project management.  However, you should select the service provider who offers a structured eLearning outsourcing model i.e. extensively accepted by customers. This will help you to get a clear picture of work procedure, development platform, cost involved and timelines.

Hence, there is nothing to fret over! Opt for the best custom eLearning development service provider who has a team of hundreds of graphic designers, instructional designers, quality analysts and programmers. Besides, you must check whether the service provide has actually offered custom eLearning solutions for projects combining various methods like simple content elucidation, stories, simulations, scenarios, complex games, image treatment and more. Furthermore, it is significant to have state-of-the-art infrastructure with in-house team of design, development and support for providing bespoke solutions to customers all over the world. Go for the best and maximize your business return on investment.