All You Need to Know About Performance Support Solutions

Employee training is an integral part of any business organization that has a well-structured teamwork in place. The techniques and practices followed in an organization keep changing and it is necessary that the workforce is trained to adapt to these new developments. Skill development is another aspect that needs to be instilled in the employees of the organization. Training on new equipment or technology, evaluation of performance, loads of information, productivity hacks can all be delivered on smartphones and laptops using performance support solutions. Read on to know all about these solutions and the benefits they offer to business organizations.

What are performance support solutions?

These solutions are mainly intended to boost the performance of employees and help them with their day to day work. Unlike eLearning, these solutions are very different in the way they are delivered by the organization and used by the employees. There is no time frame to complete tasks or assignments, and moreover the nature of the learning material is such that it is more of a reference and less of an assignment. While eLearning is helpful in familiarizing oneself with a new skill or software, performance support solutions help in applying these skills and gaining proficiency over time. The main objective is to help the employee complete her assigned work and show progress in her performance over time.

We all depend on the internet for answers these days and imagining our work life without Google or Wikipedia is impossible. Whenever there is a doubt or a roadblock, we immediately turn to these options to look for the answers. However, if you are a niche field and there are certain things that are exclusive to your company, you won’t find that information online. For example, you need to refer to the user manual of a particular machine while working and internet isn’t being of much help. You don’t need any person’s assistance either as you are sure just instructions can help you operate the machine. It is situations like these where performance support solutions come into picture. These solutions will have all the answers you need at your fingertips and help you apply the skills you have learnt recently and need to refine.

Advantages of Performance Support Solutions

1. Availability

These solutions are always available and can be accessed whenever required. Unlike eLearning courses which are only provided for a limited duration, performance solutions are meant to help the employees as a reference or as a guidebook. The objective is to help employees clear a roadblock whenever they encounter one and keep going with their work efficiently. Since the solutions are always available and self-explanatory, an employee won’t have difficulty in learning a new skill.

2. Relevancy

You would understand the frustration of not finding something you need on the internet. The internet doesn’t have the answers for everything and even if it does, it is too disorganized and huge to locate what you need. You’ll be prompted with a lot of irrelevant information and scanning through these irrelevant things to find the information you need is time-consuming and frustrating. If your employees are learning a new skill, performance support solutions can offer them relevant solutions to their problems or doubts which are internal to the organization. On finding relevant help so effortlessly, your employees will be motivated to learn more and work more.

3. User Friendliness

One more thing about these solutions is that they are user-friendly. The solutions are designed such that your employees don’t need additional training to use them. Moreover, the interface is easy to understand and easy to navigate, thus increasing the productivity of your employees. The friendly UI/UX will motivate them to learn more, refine the newly learned skills and apply these skills in their day to day work. Whenever they need assistance with their work, they look up to performance support solutions and find the answers they need.

Apart from availability, relevancy and user friendliness, performance support solutions are also not bound by time limitations and evaluations as in eLearning. There is no pressure mounted on the employee to refine her skills and this level of freedom certainly boosts her productivity. Moreover, these solutions are inexpensive, need lesser upgrades and can be accessed on any electronic device including smartphones.