Top Five eLearning Solutions for Business Organizations

Training programs are a common thing in business organizations for both new and old employees. Every now and then it is important that they are briefed with the company’s objectives, targets, requirements and expectations from their employees. In addition, training equips the employees to do the required job with higher efficiency. Gone are those days when employee training used to happen in a closed room on a white board and on power point presentations. In this article, we will see how eLearning is used fast growing organizations for training and how every other organization can follow the suit.

Why is eLearning better?

There are many reasons why eLearning is better than the traditional methods of learning and training. Few of the main reasons include:

1. It is accessible anywhere, anytime. Either by integrating the course on a smartphone or laptop, one can access the courses as per their convenience.

2. Secondly, it is much interactive than traditional methods, allowing the learner to quickly engage with the content and learn while interacting with the course’s interface. Learning is more effective when the learner is engaged and responding to the course in real time.

3. eLearning development is very cheap when compared to traditional methods and implementing eLearning solutions in business organizations too is way easier than you think. The courses can be as simple as a mere mobile application that all of your employees can install on their phones.

Top 5 eLearning Solutions for Business Organizations

Below is a list of the best eLearning solutions fast growing organizations can employ to improve productivity and overall employee training.

1. Web Based Training

One of the oldest learning solutions when it comes to eLearning, these courses are accessed using a browser typically on a PC or laptop. The course will be interactive in nature and can be designed into any format that a browser will support. Typically WBT is used when the course is viewable or readable in nature.

2. Mobile Phone Applications

These courses can also be released as mobile phone applications that can be installed by anyone who is interested. Since smartphones are always with them, employees can access the course material and complete it whenever they find time.

3. Gamification

You can also choose to train your employees using gamified learning materials. The advantage with these gamified courses is that they are highly engaging and fun in nature. Using many features like rewards, points and trophies, gamification encourages learners to be competitive and inquisitive.

4. Simulation

Simulation is another eLearning tool that can be effectively used to train employees and workers when training using the real machines or objects is too risky. Using simulation the employees can understand how the machine work and only after they have mastered its usage, they can actually try out the machine and get started with their work.

5. Virtual Classrooms

Big organizations that have their presence in multiple geographical locations can use this eLearning solution to train all the employees at a time. The virtual classrooms will support all forms of content including videos, audio, text and other interactive applications.